Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ah, Venice

A few scenes in my second novel (still in the works) are set in Venice. I had the tremendous good fortune to visit La Serenissima several years ago. It's one of those places I always wanted to see, and with rising sea levels slowly subsuming it, I did not want to put it off for "someday".

My hero will spend time in at least some of the places in these photos. How could I not be inspired?

The city is a beautiful hodgepodge of architectural styles, from medieval churches and renaissance palazzos to 18th-century villas. While there are some newer buildings, the city's strict preservation regulations have kept it looking much as it did when the Republic surrendered to Napoleon's army a little over two centuries ago. Cars are not allowed. The main "roads" are canals, but there are also pedestrian footpaths along most of them. The paths are not straight, however, as they meander around buildings. One must also find bridges to cross the many canals, so travelling on foot involves a labyrinth of mysterious alleys and potential dead-ends. Americans visiting Venice must get over their aversion to walking through twisting alleys in a strange city. It's a magical place.
The Natural History museum is housed in the former Turkish
(merchants') foundation. You can see the river frontage where
they once received cargo, now submerged for much of the year.
The medieval church of San Giacomo
dell'Orio in Santa Croce, not far from
the Natural History museum.

The Turks' lovely courtyard.
Wandering Venice after dark adds an air of intrigue.

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