Friday, May 30, 2014

Tom and Sharon Curtis Are Writing Again!

If your dog is howling, it's probably because I am squee-ing at a frequency too high for human hearing.

I had a terrific time participating in the Sizzling Book Club Chat about The Windflower last night over at the marvelous Smart Bitches Trashy Books website. Dear Author also had a Book Club discussion about The Windflower this week, in honor of the novel's 30th anniversary re-release.

This is my all-time favorite romance novel, and although I haven't read it in at least 20 years, I remember it in more vivid detail than the books I read two weeks ago. If only Jeopardy! had a Classic Romance Novels category (I'm still waiting for my opportunity to tell Alex Trebek about the time I crashed an actual debutante ball).

In the Dear Author interview, author Sharon Curtis (one half of the married writing team who formerly wrote as Laura London) mentioned that she and husband Tom are currently working on an urban fantasy novel. During last night's SBTB chat, she said that Tom is retiring soon, which will give them more time to write. She hinted that they might consider writing sequel/spin-off stories about The Windflower's memorable secondary characters and revealed a few more details about that upcoming urban fantasy book. It will be set in Milwaukee (I can't wait to see if I recognize any of the settings). During the chat she also mentioned that the heroine will be Rand Morgan's previously unintroduced daughter. It is possible that she was referring to a hypothetical future Windflower sequel and not the currently-in-the-works urban fantasy, but how urban fantastic would that be? I am presuming there is a time-travel romance backstory somewhere.

I read every one of the Curtises' books that the Dane County Library System had back in the 80s and 90s and scoured used bookstores for any that I might have missed (this was before Amazon made it easy to find out-of-print titles). I remember being thrilled to learn that there were successful romance writers who lived in Wisconsin. It gave me hope that perhaps one day I could make a go of it. Although none of their other novels approached the awesomeness of The Windflower, I enjoyed the others and was so sad when I realized that there would not be any more.

Things are definitely looking up.

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  1. I just finished reading The Windflower. I searched the internet to know if there were sequels. I am happy to find your post. I really hope there will be Cat's story. I'm very much intrigued about him. And also Rand Morgan of course ��